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Baidu SEO: 14 things you need to know

The process for optimizing web content for Baidu is, in a number of ways, very different than optimizing for Google. In this post we cover 14 of the most important aspects of Baidu SEO that you’ll want to know as you begin to enter the Chinese online market.

Results iSEO Poll

International SEO is a fairly new discipline in the SEO world. For the language service industry International SEO (or in short: iSEO) is a new challenge and a new business opportunity at the same time. I conducted a survey in order to find out how many language services providers have already taken on the new challenge. Click here for the results.

International SEO – A business opportunity for LSPs and freelancers

When Google applied the first Panda Update to its algorithm, it was a major blow for content farms. In pre-Panda times, they were able to boost their customers’ rankings with enormous amounts of low-quality content. In the following, I would like to explain how a cute endangered mammal can slash entire content farms and what this has to do with the language industry.

Six steps to successful international SEO

The job of moving your own website in one language to a higher position in search results is hard enough. But providers of language services are required to move the multi-language websites of their customers higher in the rankings as well. We will show you how to pull off this trick.

Four ways to avoid duplicate content

Sometimes, it is impossible to prevent duplicate content from appearing on a website or on different (country) domains. There can be various reasons for this: starting with URL parameters, session IDs and printer friendly pages to the necessity to provide identical content on .co.uk and .com.

Writing SEO texts

Keyword density, WDF*IDF analysis or just a clear and simple writing style for readers? We certainly are not talking about rocket science here. But it does help to employ a few fundamental tricks. Go here to see for yourself!