Did you just hang out your shingle? And are you still trying to come up with ways to position your company, set its strategic direction and get people to take notice of it? Great!
I am well acquainted with a broad range of growth strategies and the headaches related to them. I, too, have felt the pain experienced by small companies that are just starting out in business. Let me share my many years of experience in the translation industry with you!

Language Service Providers

Have you already been in business for a few years and think that you haven’t gotten very far? Do you think your company has potential, but aren’t sure just how to tap it? Or do you simply lack the time to ponder such questions?
I can step in and help you set the right priorities, scrutinize your current strategy and uncover optimization potential. Once everything is said and done, you will be ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

Internal language service departments

Are you the head of a company’s internal language service department? Has management come up with an endless to-do list for you to complete? Has an outsourcing plan or the idea of converting the department into a profit center already been brought up? I know every aspect of the market and understand the special demands being placed on internal language service departments. I will stand by your side during the restructuring process and help you get your department in shape for life in the marketplace.

Industry insights
Analytical skills

Udo Leinhäuser

Udo Leinhäuser

I went into business for myself in 1997 right after I earned my degree at the University of Saarland. My sister and I set up a company called Leinhäuser und Partner Fachübersetzungen.
We continuously expanded our small company afterward. This work culminated in 2012 in a merger with our largest customer, one of Siemens’ language service departments in Munich. By the time I left my position as managing partner, the company – which had been renamed Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH at that point – had a solid customer base, a forward-looking strategy and more than 25 employees.

To put it simply: I have experienced, first hand, every phase of growth and pain that a translation company goes through and have successfully met every challenge thrown my way in the process. Thanks to my close relationship with colleagues from the Siemens language service department, I have also gained deep insights into the very special problems and requirements faced by such operations.

  • Practical

    My very own experience has given me a deep understanding of most problems faced by small and medium-size companies.

  • Fast

    The market is in constant motion. I am, too.

  • Goal-oriented

    We will sit down together and define the goals by which I will measure my work.

  • Innovative

    And I am not talking about some sort of run-of-the-mill solutions!

I was in your master class yesterday – really enjoyed it, and learnt more about SEO in 2hrs than in 4months working for a company that specialises in it!

Kirsty Walter

Udo was just what we needed to kickoff our SEO development project. He introduced us to all of the important aspects of SEO and iSEO, then guided us through hands-on training. SEO can seem overly complex and challenging, but Udo stripped away the complexity, and we are highly motivated for the next steps.

Chris RowleyGlobal Business Development Manager

The translation students at the University of Lille had the opportunity to attend a conference by Udo Leinhäuser on Search Engine Optimization, a new, challenging topic for the sector. It was very interesting to learn what SEO is and how it can intervene during the translation process in order to meet clients’ demands. This was definitely a discovery for most students, who had never heard about SEO and the influence it can have on their future activity. The translation students and the trainers would like to thank Udo very much for agreeing to give such an informative talk!

Prof. Rudy LoockHead of the Multilingual Specialized Translation program at the University of Lille