Did you just hang out your shingle? And are you still trying to come up with ways to position your company, set its strategic direction and get people to take notice of it? Great!
I am well acquainted with a broad range of growth strategies and the headaches related to them. I, too, have felt the pain experienced by small companies that are just starting out in business. Let me share my many years of experience in the translation industry with you!

Language Service Providers

Have you already been in business for a few years and think that you haven’t gotten very far? Do you think your company has potential, but aren’t sure just how to tap it? Or do you simply lack the time to ponder such questions?
I can step in and help you set the right priorities, scrutinize your current strategy and uncover optimization potential. Once everything is said and done, you will be ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

Internal language service departments

Are you the head of a company’s internal language service department? Has management come up with an endless to-do list for you to complete? Has an outsourcing plan or the idea of converting the department into a profit center already been brought up? I know every aspect of the market and understand the special demands being placed on internal language service departments. I will stand by your side during the restructuring process and help you get your department in shape for life in the marketplace.

Industry insights
Analytical skills