Online Marketing

Most of us have been translating our customers’ marketing materials for years, but what about our own marketing? No budget? Do you really need a huge budget? The day of big marketing campaigns on radio and television may not be (completely) over yet. But there are now all sorts of great alternatives that work quite well even on a shoestring budget. Viral newsletter marketing, SEO, social media marketing and content marketing  have a big impact and broad reach even with relatively small amounts of money.

Viral newsletter marketing

Newsletter marketing is still considered to be the most efficient way to attract and retain customers. And it remains this way even though hundreds of billions of e-mails are sent around the world every day. I can help you make sure that your news item is not swept away by this daily flood of information. The objective is to continuously boost your subscriber figures. To do so, you will have to avoid some traps – from spam filters and mobile end devices to the right subject line. Your information will go viral only if your readers funnel it into their social channels. I can help you make it happen!

Social media marketing

A presence in social media has been a must for years now. I can help you pick the right channel and work out a viable and successful social media strategy. There is hardly any other medium that will enable you to easily and quickly boost the reach of your communications with the right content and the right strategy. In doing so, your company and your services can become their own brand on the Web.

Content marketing

Content is king! We have all heard this line before. But just what content is relevant to my customers? And how can I reach my SEO goals with the right content? These are questions that I would like to answer with you.
Unlike traditional outbound marketing measures (banners, paid links, pop-ups, etc.) that many people now view as eyesores, content marketing aims to provide useful information that users want. And those companies that produce added value instead of hot air will have a significantly better chance of initiating a dialogue with interested individuals and of presenting their services and products.